Below are some questions commonly asked of us. Hopefully they will help answer some of the queries you may have. Remember, we are always here to help, when YOU are ready.

Most monuments are made from granite because of its durability, reasonable price and its availability in a wide range of colours, including grey, charcoal, black, red, pink, brown, green and blue.

Yes, there are different kinds and colours of granite. For instance, grey granite can vary a great deal between the lowest grade and the highest grade. Among the oldest rock on earth, all granite has strength, durability and beauty, yet like other natural material such as wood, each has different characteristics. Check out our granite colours.

We choose the finest, even grained granites, low in mineral deposits. This provides uniform colour for lettering and designs and ensures your memorial will not change or fade with time. Our famous two-step process produces clearer, sharper lettering, vivid detailed designs, using no paint or artificial colourants. This above all, is what we pride ourselves in as the cornerstone of our heritage.

As one of Kingston's oldest companies and only remaining true monument builder, Kingston Monuments and Stonework has been earning families' trust since 1904. Our sister company, Brockville Memorials and Stonework, has been in existence since 1861.

As part of their membership, OMBA & MBNA member companies sign a statement of policy, The Code of Good Practice. This code promotes fair and honest business practices that, in turn, serve and protect the consumer.

When you purchase a memorial from an OMBA & MBNA member, you are assured of ethical, honest business practices from someone who is committed to their industry and art. The majority of members are multi-generational memorialists who have learned the exact art of stone carving from their fathers and grandfathers. Remember, always look for the OMBA & MBNA name and logo.

Kingston Monuments and Stonework is a long-standing member and abides by the codes of conduct of both the Monument Builders of North America and the Ontario Monument Builder's Association. We have won various awards for our public relations efforts and for exceptional design from MBNA and have served several terms on the OMBA Board of Directors.

Whether you are making immediate or pre-need arrangements for a funeral or purchasing internment rights for cemetery property, you should know that you and your family ARE NOT obligated to purchase a monument from a cemetery. In fact, a good argument can be made to delay the purchase of a memorial, the one visual and lasting tribute, until other matters are complete.

Your local monument builder is a reliable source of information regarding the various regulations of the cemeteries in your area. Since cemeteries have regulations regarding the size and type of memorial in certain areas of their grounds, it is wise to consult with a monument builder before you settle on a cemetery.

Visit a permanent showroom to see the different styles of monuments or markers. Monument builders will help you design a memorial and then complete all that is required to produce the memorial from inscription to installation. Kingston Monuments and Stonework has been helping families

create fitting tributes for their loved ones and earning their trust since 1904.

In our industry, there are two different types of monument retailers - those who sell monuments from catalogues, without any design or manufacturing experience nor the facilities for carving. Unfortunately, they lack the expertise to offer anything beyond the very ordinary.

Then there are true monument builders - those who have spent a lifetime honing their craft, immersed and wholly invested in it. This is not a sideline for us; it is our lifeline and our primary focus and source of income. Kingston Monuments and Stonework specializes in what we know and do best - design and build memorials that exceed industry standards, right here in our Kingston shop.

In order to remain competitive, we must we stay current with designs, manufacturing processes, technology & legislation, as well as with our pricing. We feel that the pricing we have to offer is competitive and fair.

Monuments and markers are priced according to the size, colour and finish of granite used. Relatively modest monuments can range from a few thousand dollars, to tens of thousands of dollars for more elaborate monuments. On the high end of the spectrum, large and impressive walk-in mausoleums can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Kingston Monuments and Stoneworks' prices are competitive with any other company. We have monuments at every price to suit every circumstance and we have more... a history of durable, quality monuments made by experienced craftsmen and as importantly, a reputation for fair business practices. We are certain we can serve you, whatever your budget may be. We welcome your call or visit; we are here to help.

Our prices are all inclusive. The final price includes the monument, lettering, design and installation. On some occasions, very elaborate designs may have additional costs, simply to cover the cost of the extra work involved.

When a monument is being installed in Ontario, cemeteries collect a one-time Care and Maintenance fee that provides funds for keeping memorials in safe condition. Depending on the overall size of the monument, this fee will be either $100 or $200.

It is important to remember that although foundations are only installed in the good weather, winter is an excellent time to order a memorial. You can be assured of good value and prompt installation in the spring. Foundation costs can vary, depending on the cemetery and any requirements it may have. Generally speaking, foundations can range from a few hundred to one thousand dollars and more.

Of course, any applicable taxes on any of the above are extra.

Some monument builders will warranty their finished product against defects in material, workmanship, and installation. There is a very solid, concrete foundation used below upright monuments so there is usually very little problem with monuments tipping, shifting, or becoming unlevel.

At Kingston Monuments and Stonework, your complete satisfaction with the finished memorial will be assured. We are able to stand behind our finished memorials and offer a lifetime warranty with all of them. If anything should happen to the monument or workmanship naturally (e.g. cracks, fading, discolouration), we will replace it at no cost.

The reason we are able to do this is because we do not sacrifice quality. We use only the finest granites (there are many different grades), with the finest workmanship by our North American manufacturers, without any artificial paints or colorants.

There are monuments quarried and manufactured overseas. Although less costly, there can be no guarantee offered, as the fabrication practices of those manufacturers is unknown. There have been cases in the industry where complete lots of monument have faded, because rather than being properly polished, they have had substances added to look like polish, but are not permanent.

We choose not to work with these granites, as we cannot stand behind them. If desired by a family, we are able to provide monuments manufactured overseas. Let's suppose that a family insisted on purchasing a monument manufactured overseas, there would be NO guarantee on it or its workmanship, now or in the future.

We are familiar with our North American fabricators, their equipment, practices and high standards of quality. This is the reason we can guarantee our North American manufactured monuments. Many of these fabricators have also had their skills passed down through family generations.

This varies from one cemetery to another. Some cemeteries mandate that their employees must install the foundations. If not, our experienced installers will do an excellent job with the utmost respect and care.

This is completely up to you. Some people are ready to discuss their ideas sooner than others. The right time to begin creating a memorial is when you feel comfortable discussing your ideas and feel able to make a confident decision. When YOU are ready, we are here to help.

We have a full-service shop where all of our work is completed. Our standard delivery time on items typically held in stock is about eight to twelve weeks. Specialty monuments that are special ordered may take up to six months to complete. If you have a specific date by which you would like to have the monument set in the cemetery, just let us know and we will do our very best to meet your needs.

We work with many customers who live out-of-town. Several customers select the monument they want through this website while others come to our office to select their memorial. We will communicate with you via phone, e-mail, or regular post - whichever you prefer. We can also send you a picture of your memorial once it has been placed in the cemetery.

Cemeteries may have regulations and requirements that will affect the choices you have when purchasing a memorial. Some of the most common regulations include its size, the material it is made of, the inscription, the direction a memorial will face and installation regulations.

It is important to have a knowledge of these regulations before selecting a memorial. A reputable monument builder will assist you in selecting a memorial that complies with the regulations. We are well versed with the surrounding cemeteries' regulations and are here to help.

Yes, even if the monument wasn't purchased from us, we can match the existing lettering and inscribe the final date or other required information. We do this all the time.

Your monument purchase is a major purchase and should be well thought out and considered. Our staff is pleasant, caring, experienced and willing to help guide you through the process of designing the perfect memorial for your loved one. You will be provided a drawing of your memorial, as we want you to be content with your decision, before any work or engraving is completed.

Choosing to purchase a memorial on a pre-need basis is a very personal and wise decision that will ensure that your loved ones will not have to do it and that you will get what you want. When people purchase a pre-need memorial we make it and place it in the cemetery and simply leave a blank place for future death dates.

Increasingly, people are choosing to purchase their own monument before the need arises. By planning ahead, you can select the style, size and colour you prefer. A personalized design, which you can help to create, can reflect your beliefs, values or whatever is meaningful to you. What would you like to tell future generations about yourself and your family? This is your opportunity to make your personal statement for history.

You can save money. Purchasing a monument before the need arises means that you are utilizing today's dollars. Like everything else, it will cost less now than in years to come.

It is less traumatic and emotional to purchase a memorial in advance. You have the opportunity to discuss the purchase with all the family members. Most major purchases are completed with the interests of all members of the family. This is one of those major purchases.

The best consumer is an educated one... whether your purchase is a house, a vehicle or a monument. Kingston Monuments and Stonework will work with you to create the monument that reflects your wishes and is right for you. And who knows better what is right for you than yourself?

Always remember....YOU have the right to choose. You can count on our professional & experienced consultants to help you make the right choice.

Cremation does not eliminate your options for memorialization. Family members can still have a meaningful and concrete way to remember their loved one. We offer a wide range of memorialization options, whether for placement in a traditional cemetery or at another location. We will be happy to explain your options. Click here to view some of our cremation memorials.

The answer is Yes. We will contact the cemetery on your behalf, and inquire as to what the regulations are in the particular section of the cemetery you have chosen. We carry a variety of cremation products that may be erected in the cemetery or any other place you have designated for your loved one.

No. It has been found in Federal Court that it is illegal to restrict a monument company from doing their trade in a cemetery so long as the company complies with reasonable rules and fees for doing so.

We have a library of epitaphs for you to look at. You are not limited to the epitaphs we have listed and it is our hope that they help you think of something beautifully appropriate. Please click here to view them.

Yes! We work with folks who mark graves as a part of their genealogy projects and offer small, inexpensive stones that are typically used for that purpose. Come in and we will be glad to visit with you about your project.

Most very old monuments are made of marble which deteriorates over time, or lower quality granite. The old ways of lettering monuments didn't provide contrast between the inscription and the background, making them hard to read.

Perhaps they are simply dirty. Monuments can become dirty or stained by air pollution, hard irrigation water, tree sap, birds or any number of other sources. With a thorough and proper cleaning, a monument can usually be restored to its original state. Please call us to discuss our professional cleaning services and to see how we may be able to restore the monument to its original beauty. Click here to view examples of monuments that we have restored.

We will handle everything. We make all of the arrangements so that everything is as easy and smooth running as possible for you and your family during an emotional time.

With so many headstone suppliers on the internet, it's hard to know who they are, how long they've been in business or whether they are reputable. There's no reliable information about companies that sell headstones online.

Be aware that if you purchase a monument online, you will then have to make all arrangements (which we always handle for our customers) including scheduling delivery and unloading it from the freight truck; making sure a foundation is installed; installing the memorial and then getting the supplies used to properly seal it for protection. In addition, most cemeteries have their own regulations about the size and type of monuments that they allow. Because we work with all local cemeteries, we are familiar with their requirements.

We have a local reputation to uphold and will work with you to ensure you receive the highest value and quality workmanship. All of our products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are here for the long haul and hope to earn your trust, as families in the area have done for over 110 years.