With the materials we use, our staff, and our facilities, we can make the difference between an ordinary monument and an extraordinary one. From our first consultation to our final product, our customers are invited to oversee the process, to ensure total satisfaction with the final result.

Kingston Monuments - The Stone

The Stone

At the center of monument selection is the stone. We use only top grade natural granite in a wide range of colours and finishes. Regardless of size and shape, your monument will withstand the test of time.

Kingston Monuments - The Design

The Design

Once our customer has chosen the color and size of the stone, the next stage is to select the lettering and design. We have many catalogues to chose from, but we also encourage our customers to bring their ideas to us so we can work together to create a monument that is unique to their loved one.

Kingston Monuments - The Finish

The Finish

Craftsmen with years of experience and expertise bring your design to life with an attention to detail that is second to none. No paint or artificial colour that will fade with time is ever used. Only natural shading and etching techniques learned and passed on from one craftsman to another. When the work is complete, you will have a custom memorial that is yours forever, we guarantee it.


The Warranty

Kingston Monuments Ltd. Guarantees to replace without charge, any granite part of your memorial, should that part crack, check, discolour or prove defective in any way attributable to either granite or workmanship.

Kingston Monuments - Monuments
Kingston Monuments - Monuments
Kingston Monuments - Monuments